Briefly this site is created as the parent site for multiple occupations I do for income.

If you purchased one of my downloads, or an item from me on eBay or anywhere else I wanted to have a focal point for customer service as I am working on signing all digital products and changing my eBay/Paypal ID’s to the Mighty Small Media identity.

I also assist select clientele with web services such as domain registration, web design and hosting as well as the creation of social media ID’s. I also provide online and offline consulting and marketing services including  print media such as business printing.

Most design and marketing companies will try to impress you with how smart they think they are, they will try to oversell you and they do it with an insulting attitude.

I adhere to the KISS principle in all I do and try to make sure my clients understand what I’m doing for them every step of the way. So if you are just starting a business, or just don’t have a web presence because your intimidated by your lack of knowledge or you just don’t have the time, get a hold of me through my contact page and I’ll be happy to assist you! Thanks for stopping by!